Online Digital Marketing Courses

online digital marketing courses

Online Digital Marketing Courses

This Review on Udemy is by far one of the most comprehensive online digital marketing courses available today. With more than 200,000 students currently having taken this online course, it’s an extremely comprehensive and thorough course which imparts full understanding of all facets of digital marketing from Social Media Marketing to SEO to viral marketing, everything you need to know to be a success online. You will learn about the “insider secrets” of some of the top digital marketers who are making it big online. Best of all, this is for an unbelievably small cost with no hidden agendas or “bait” to get you to buy anything. Just think – if there was really a secret way to make millions, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

I’d highly recommend these online digital marketing courses if you want to accelerate your online business and make a lot of money in a shorter period of time. There are a lot of other courses out there like this that claim to show you how to do this or that, but they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. The problem with those courses is they are mostly designed by marketing “experts” who don’t know what they’re talking about and are only teaching people half-truths and misleading information. Why do you think that the internet is filled with these types of websites? Because they are only there to make money, plain and simple.

But the good thing about online digital marketing courses is that they are usually all based on solid, real-life strategies devised by successful online entrepreneurs who have been proven to work. They are based on real-world experiences that anyone can relate to, so you will actually learn and apply the strategies from their own experiences. For example, one course teaches you how to use Google Analytics to track your website’s performance. The author claims it’s the best way to measure your website’s success, but you won’t find that assessment of Google Analytics in any of the other courses he has written.

Instead, his guide is simply telling you to go to Google and search for the name of his company and then see how many pages come up. He tells you that the length of time his company has been online and the number of unique visitors to its website gives you an idea of how effective his online marketing strategies are, but he doesn’t tell you anything about how long it takes to get those visitors, how much traffic his site gets, how many sales he closes per day, etc. He doesn’t even mention how much he earns from his AdSense campaigns or how much he pays his affiliates. So, in reality, his online digital marketing courses aren’t even worth the time spent reading them, because they offer little value to your time.

Another one of these online digital marketing courses that will teach you nothing except how to replicate their strategy, this particular course by David Simon of Xocai University is called “Pay Per Click University.” And just like the free Google Analytics courses he offers, this one too offers nothing but a rehash of tired old information about how affiliate marketing works and what you should be doing. It also includes a completely ineffective and oft-times bizarrely inaccurate guide to paid advertising, a discussion of how social media platforms work, and even some tips on how to market your online business using Google AdWords and other paid advertising platforms. So what does this course actually teach you? Not much.

Actually, the only thing it does provide is advice on what you should do when you have a successful campaign, and there is absolutely nothing that teaches you how to create your own campaigns, manage your social marketing efforts, utilize Google analytics tools, develop web pages, create content, etc. In short, all it really provides is an abundance of advice on things you should already know, rather than helpful strategies you can start using right away. For someone who wants to learn the ins and outs of social marketing, pay per click, SEO, affiliate marketing, video marketing, etc, these courses are probably not worth your time. For those who want to learn these strategies and start using them for their own business, however, they will find that these courses will provide them with everything they need to get started right away.